Goodby Multiply .... Hello!

Good Bye Multiply ....  Hello!

Im Starting all Over again to post and blog about my TowelCakes & souvenirs. i thought I dont need it anymore, with my line of clients and hectic schedule. Im confident and no longer worry about on how to get customers for my business.

I had my first webpage at multiply, October 2007. which ended just recently may 6 2013. for 6 years with multiply, Towel Cakes by Montecielo soared up by being acknowledge at different countries. I had customers and clients not only here in the philippines but around the world. We we’re able to ship in bulk orders to Canada, Saipan, Singapore, London and USa. With all the TowelCake creations that I make. I feel i need to post it and share to everyone who's interested to read my blog.

So, feel free to visit my Blog and pages here at